Home Theater

Experience film with family and friends at the next level. Use state of the art audio and video systems to enjoy your movies. MTI installs custom home theaters for both big and small spaces while designing theater interiors to match your personal taste in interior design.

Audio/Video Components

We provide the best in receivers, Blu-ray players, video storage systems, and surge protection. After an assessment, we'll know exactly what system you need to build your home theater.

Video Displays

Use a stunning array of video display options for your home theater. Our systems allow you to enjoy the full range of the filmmaker's craft no matter the viewing angle, ambient lighting, seating layout, or image size. We provide LCD, LED, OLED options and beyond.

Speaker Systems

We offer stunning speaker systems for sensational film experience. After an expert assessment, we install the speaker system that matches your unique theater space. 

Theater Design and Seating

Our home theater installations allow for your personal expression of home design. We work with architects and designers to create the stunning home theater you have in mind.