Home Automation

With home automation, you can control lighting, security, heating or cooling, and your sound system all from one device. MTI offers smooth, easy, and total control of the functions of your home by mobile phone, tablet, or home screen to increase security and reduce energy use. 

Audio and Video

Control your home's sound and video systems by a single command. Wake up to your favorite news program or stream your favorite media in any room you choose. Enhance your parties or family gatherings with easy access music. 


Controlling your home's lighting from a single device means coming home to a well-lit entryway while preserving energy. When your away, allow for a lighting button to control a lighting setting that will give the sense that someone is always home. Create new lighting shortcuts that will automatically create the effect you want while cutting down on energy bills.

Heating and Cooling

With heating and cooling buttons on your home automation screen, you can control the heating and cooling systems of your home remotely. The house is warm or cool before you even get home.


Use an array of security buttons to use the security settings you need before leaving home. Get text messages if you left a garage door or window open. Your home automation screen will let you know exactly where and why your alarm went off.

Shade Control

Increase your privacy while decreasing energy waste by using shades that open and close according to your routine. Watch the shades go down as your TV screen turns on or on sunny days to keep your home nice and cool.