Camera Surveillance

Our precise cameras can secure your assets at home and at work. Use MTI camera surveillance to shift your focus from worrying and monitoring to working and living. 

Residential Video Cameras

Protect your home with MTI's video camera installations. Our cameras can be installed both inside and outside your home to provide you with optimal security. View camera zones from your iphone, ipad, whether you are at home or outside.  

Commercial Surveillance

MTI provides a broad range of security cameras for your business needs. Use security cameras, remote viewing, monitors, digital readers, and networked video solutions to reduce the risks that can interfere with your business from flourishing.

Access Control 

Use access control and intercom systems to control entry and exit to your home or office. Our retina scanners, proximity readers, finger print scanners, and intercom systems help secure sensitive and personal information.

Watch a Camera Installation in Action

Our precise cameras can catch the details you need to keep your assets secure.